In 2011, we decided to change offices. We moved from a site right in the centre to another central location, but this one enjoys a "private" garden measuring 15,000 m2. It had been a small storeroom, which was discovered during the renovation of a town mansion in the heart of Mahón. We soon found out just how many possibilities this little "left over space" had.

First of all, we created an access from inside the building by opening up a cavity in the existing roof framing to make an open metal staircase. Then we refurbished the space, using two contrasting materials; natural black slate for the floor and matte ash (wood) on the walls. We wanted it to be open-plan, acting as a work space, a meeting room to negotiate and talk (no secrets!) while also being a workshop to play, cut, paste... create. This third section was fitted out in an old pear-shaped water-tank with cladding made from broken-up rooftiles and lime mortar, making it waterproof to external inputs.