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Despacho de arquitectura en Menorca

We live and love our land.

We’re from Menorca and most of our work is based here with our island in mind. We combine a sense of knowing that we have to change the landscape while always wanting to leave a minimum trace of it. That’s why we select projects that we believe can maintain the beauty of this amazing island.

Without wanting to be at all disrespectful or arrogant, we ask our clients to adhere to some commitments that we believe are essential:

     · Love and respect our island.

      · Trust and believe in us.

      · Be completely open with us.

      · Let themselves be surprised.

      · Be demanding.

      · And, above all of these points, that they get really excited about their project.

In this way, we encourage our clients to be our guides in the exciting adventure of building their own houses. We specialise in creating totally customised spaces with direct and easy dealing with the developer. We create, we tear the plan up, try again and tear it up again until we have achieved the right design for unique and totally personalised spaces.

That’s our greatest aim: 
When the build is finished, we’ll be gone and our clients will be the ones to live, feel and love their property. They’ll be living there and, if it fulfils their dream or is even better than they imagined, we’ll have succeeded.
We’re young and ambitious, we like to be on the go with challenges ahead. We want to create spaces that work and, above all, are exciting.

With all our commitment.

Gabriel Montañés Albertí



I fell into architecture by chance as a teenager, although in some way it had been part of me from a very young age.  .
I started to develop it in Barcelona, followed by Amsterdam and Ghana and later Australia, where I was lucky enough to meet a person who had a massive influence on me : Glenn Murcutt. I learned a lot from him, so much, and above all that I needed to try to focus on architecture without great pretensions, a type that was even ordinary – but that I had to work on as best as I could. With all my might.

Esther Todo


Project development

I first got involved with architecture through industrial design, and then when studying interior design in Barcelona. I enjoy seeing my drawings become reality, and understand how important it is to draw up plans before starting to build.
I’m in charge of project execution from start t o finish, and I organise and manage our day to day office work.

Aina Oliver


Project development

At an early age I was hugely attracted to architecture and particularly interiors, there was something about these two that drew out a certain curiosity in me.

At the same time, my determination to find a way to improve the objects that surround us lead me to the industrial design sector.

I studied in both fields once I realised that there was no need to choose between the two.

I look after the complete development of our projects and manage our corporate image plus social networks.

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