The project for this family house had a very specific programme right from the start. It has an unobstructed open-plan area to house the communal rooms, facing east and allowing maximum window space. The bathrooms face west with minimum apertures.

The first floor has a very rational layout, with four identical rooms facing east and 3 bathrooms facing west.

Dual space generating currents and providing light in the central part of the house.

The plot’s reduced dimensions meant that we ran out of space, so we had to create a compact structure, very interesting due to its lower coefficients in terms of thermal transmittance. We also needed to focus on solving the issue of ventilation, and came up with an ingenious solution for the top-floor windows, by incorporating shutters that are completely level with the façade.  

Builder: Miquel Orfila Moll

Technical architects: Rafael Mus and Amílcar Seguí
Photography: Adrià Goula