L+C house is located in a street connecting the waterfront of Mahón Harbour with the centre of town. Set in a line and each with a ground-floor and a large plot, these fishing cottages date back to the first half of last century. They were simple and humble abodes, with a little vegetable garden in the back for the owners’ personal use. We were hooked on the project right from the start, as the owners were a young, creative couple who were totally open to new ideas for a plot with lots of potential with regard to regulations and overall building surface.

We decided to build a ground-floor while maintaining the aspect of the original façade, and with more focus on the longitudinal section. Our clear and self-imposed objective of introducing sunlight and ventilation in all the rooms resulted in the design of roofs of different heights and shapes, as the main rooms were to be located in the central positions on the ground-floor and not on the front. In this way, we gained privacy and really enhanced the property by adding a second floor: the more private rooms are located at the front, while the rear section comprises an open-plan living area. This kitchen/dining and living is linked to a multipurpose “workshop” or leisure area that is full of sunlight. A patio, small pool and the existing vegetable garden on the north side complete the property.

Builder: Obras Loga S.A.

Technical architects: Francesca Gomila Mercadal

Photography: Adrià Goula